The theme this year will be customizable pegboard fixtures. These can be cases, hooks,  holders for tools, boxes, trays etc. Below some pictures for reference.

Developers, Students, Makers and Product Designers.
Special application stream : EIT Alumni

3D Printing & Design Automation to power Mass Customization! Get Creative in our upcoming deephack and learn how to use design automation power yourself! 9-11 December 2022 online

3D printing has enabled fast prototyping and manufacturing of new products. Combined with design automation, everyone, even those with little technical capability can now utilize the power of 3D printing to create their personalized products. Mass customization is a concept born from such a process, with various applications and use cases such as customizable COVID-19 masks, 3D-printed shoes or eyewear, robotic gripping systems and even patient specific medical devices. trinckle, at the heart of the mass customization movement, is organizing the Mass  Customization & 3D Printing deephack. The deephack looks for creative ideas that use design automation and 3D printing. If you have an innovative mindset and are super excited to try out new things and experiment with how mass customization works, you’re the perfect fit for the deephack! 

In the webinars leading up to the Parametric Pegboard Deephack we will be giving you an introduction into our script based CAD software (trCAD) and our front-end customizer platform (paramate). In addition, our partners will provide valuable insights into concepts of 3D printing, design automation and mass customization. After the webinars, we would like to invite you to participate in our Parametric Pegboard  Deephack. Come up with creative ideas that use design automation and 3D printing and use your new powers learned in the webinar. If you have an innovative mindset, are super excited to try out new things and experiment with how mass customization works, you’re the perfect fit for this Parametric Pegboard Deephack! 

Mass Customization & 3D Printing deephack will happen on the weekend 9th – 11th December online. There will be webinars in advance to introduce the participants to the software.

The EIT Alumni community brings together an interdisciplinary and multicultural community of change agents who share a common vision for tackling societal challenges and creating positive impact through innovation and entrepreneurship. The EIT Alumni Community consists of members of the Alumni Communities of the EIT’s Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs), stemming both from their Education, Business creation and Innovation programmes. With a strong and organised community, its strengths lay in network effects, and in the strong societal impact that EIT Alumni Community members can have.

EIT Alumni from all academic areas can compete individually or in teams to tackle the digital transformation challenge posed by the deephack. The participants should have a diverse background of tech, business, raw materials, IT, health, climate tech, urban mobility, food tech, digital manufacturing/industry 4.0 and design, which means that each team should have a good mix of different skills, expertise and academic backgrounds.
This event is both a single and team participation deephack: participants can either invite their friends to form a team or they can participate as an individual. In the second case they would be added to a specific team.
During the first day, alumni from all academic backgrounds will receive a brief introduction to the predominant trends in digital innovation as well as practical examples of business innovation tools that have revolutionized the business in recent years.
Once heterogeneous and multi-functional teams are created, applicants will be expected to create innovative solutions using the methodological approach of co-creation.

Innovation Communities

The EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities are partnerships that bring together businesses, research centres and universities. They allow:

  • innovative products and services to be developed in every area imaginable, including climate change, healthy living and active ageing
  • new companies to be started
  • a new generation of entrepreneurs to be trained

There are currently nine Innovation Communities and each focuses on a different societal challenge:

  • EIT Climate-KIC: Working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy
  • EIT Digital: Driving Europe’s digital transformation
  • EIT Food: Leading a global revolution in food innovation and production
  • EIT Health: Giving EU citizens greater opportunities to enjoy a healthy life
  • EIT InnoEnergy: Achieving a sustainable energy future for Europe
  • EIT Manufacturing: Strengthening and increasing the competitiveness of Europe’s manufacturing industry
  • EIT Raw Materials: Developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe
  • EIT Urban Mobility: Smart, green and integrated transport
  • EIT Culture & Creativity: Transforming Europe’s Cultural & Creative Sectors and Industries
  • The winning team is rewarded with 1.000 €, runner-ups compete for a prize pool of  500 €, and a special social media prize of 500 €. 
  • One-year commercial license to trinckle’s design automation platform and software – paramate and trCAD for winning team.
  • Business and technical consulting with trinckle worth €2.500 for winning team.
  • Fit to the challenge topic.
  • Innovation level of idea.
  • Added value by customization.
  • Usefulness of 3D printing as a production method.
  • Quality and complexity of technical implementation.
  • Team progress while participating.
  • Bonus:

    Help us spread the word! Post your challenge contribution in social media posts with #paramate.

    o Find user groups on social media, specific to the audience of your solution and post your challenge contribution.

    o Teams have to document posts in their final presentation.

    o Only quality of the posts and the relevance of the community the post addresses are evaluated (number of upvotes / likes are not evaluated).

8th December, 15:00 CET

1st December:

2 hs crash course in trinckle 3D software and an online Q&A, required for the hackathon participation. Great value and really helpful for the hackathon

2nd December:

2 hs crash course in trinckle 3D software and an online Q&A, required for the hackathon participation. Great value and really helpful for the hackathon

9th December:

Check in and welcome! Let’s get to know each other and the teams!

10th December:

The first day will start with an introductory speech which will provide participants with a contextual view of the challenge and goals of the event.

After the introduction, the final division of the participants into teams will be defined, giving the chance to start developing their ideas and projects with the support of dedicated mentors.

11th December:

The second day will be dedicated to the development of the project and, by the late afternoon, to pitching it in front of the mentors and jury. Prizes will be awarded before the end of the event.

  • Vegter van Slooten – Community Manager and Industrial Designer
  • Marlene Vogel – Chief Product Officer (CPO) and co-founder.
  • Peter Bankuti – Lead Developer
  • Christian Böhme – Software Developer
  • Valeria Barvinska – Software Developer
  • Michael Bertuleit – Software Developer
  • Manuel Siskowski – Founder WIESEMANN 1893 & Enable 3D

Deephack: Parametric Pegboards with Trinckle 3D